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Our Commercial Services

We are a full service remediation contractor with vast experience in commercial construction and renovation of many different types of buildings.


Bid specification plan work

Bid and work plan are the key component to the process. Restart will give a free estimate on any projects. We can provide a bid and work plan that will complete your project. 

Schools and Hospital

We have service many schools and hospitals throughout the years. Service from HVAC, Fire, Water Damages, Demolition and Mold Remediation.

Shopping Centre

Photos above shows a mold remediation in process at a shopping centre. Mold had too be removed in majority areas due too roof leaks.

Preventative maintenance services

Any preventative maintenance services on any residential or commercial property maintain properly can help any structure. 

Downtown Building

Downtown Building are high in maintenance due too foundation problems, water leaks and weather to name a few. We specialize in downtown building from drying it out or reconstruction.

Dry out any Structure

Drying Out any Structure is important step. Drying out any wood structure can help stop mold growth or wood rot.  There are different methods too drying out structure and we are qualified and experienced too perform them all for you.

Free Estimates

Same Day Appointments

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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