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15 years serving the greater Houston area

We've loved every minute of our journey. When you need Mold Remediation service in Houston, Texas our experienced technicians will help you through all phases of Mold Remediation and Construction for all projects.

Mold Remediation Specialist

Mold Removal and Mold Clean-Up

Mold Remediation in Progress

Dedicated to quality

Our goals are too provide the best quality of work too You the consumer. We are dedicated too the customer about your project, products, or services.

Mold Removal  and Mold Growth

Mold Growth

Mold Growth

Owner Journey

An ongoing series of informational entries

Education And Skill

February 07, 2007- Present


Water Migration IIRC 

Mold Contractor 

Mold Consultant

General Construction

Monitoring Water Damage

Fire Chasing

Rebuild Contractor

Pack-out and Pack-back


February 07,2007 thru Present

Carpet Department: Cleaning and Dye of Carpet. Air Conditioning Cleaning of the Coils, Plenum Box, Return Box, Ducts and Vents. Water Migration: Remove Flood Water Damage Clean-Up. Monitoring: Drying Down Wood Structure, Carpet and Items that were Affected in those areas. Mold: Mold Remediation Demolition, Mold Removal and Mold Damage Clean-Up. 


Since 2007

Our goals are too make sure you the customer too provide with good quality work. 


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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